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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


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Sunday, November 21, 2010

StevieMack@Night™ - EXCLUSIVE! “Inside the TSA"

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chocolate Chip Dancers win big on VH1 Dance Cam Slam

 Chocolate Chip Dancers have won the $5000 grand prize on the premier episode of Dance Cam Slam on VH1 - Tuesday Oct. 26th 10pm and they will return each week to defend their title and a chance to win another $5000…every week! They plan to donate a portion of their winnings to charity.

Chocolate Chip Dancers, Stevie Mack, Keith Lewis and Kabin Thomas formed on the set of a reality show in 2009. The footage shot that night never saw the light of day, but these three Buddha bellied, bow tied, brown skinned brothers saw the potential of a funny, uninhibited, portly dance trio. 

They shot and posted a video on YouTube of them dancing in sync to Beyonce's "Single Ladies". This video went viral and spurred another; them dancing to Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step I Take", which not only went viral, but also inspired Wayne Brady, Bobby Brown and Mike Tyson to do their comical video of the same song.

They auditioned for many shows and commercials, got booted off the CMT/MTV show "Your Chance to Dance" under the claim they didn't fit the demographics, yet two white men went on to win the $10,000. prize on the show using the very same song, dance steps and costumes. 

Un-thwarted by this slight, the Chocolate Chip Dancers soon after auditioned for Dance Cam Slam on VH1 and went on to win the grand prize. They are now in pre-production of  a TV pilot, the subject of a potential super bowl commercial and touring live shows to deliver their brand of humor in motion to the eager masses.

Chocolate Chip Dancers Social Networks:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

PiMPS in SUBURBiA: Chess - Episode 002

PiMPS in SUBURBiA - Episode #002 "Chess"

In a world where the Pimps and their Ladies live normal lives in suburbia.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PiMPS in SUBURBiA - The Emergency Room

"PiMPS in SUBURBiA" - STEVIE MACK TV™ The Pimps and their Ladies are now living normal lives in suburbia...but old habits are hard to break. 

Written and Directed by: Stevie Mack

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Takers - Movie Review by Stevie Mack

Takers was worth every penny and be sure to see it at the theater on the big screen, bootlegs won't do this movie justice..LOL….but true. Sure there are moments when you go, okay that wouldn't happen, but then all the action and great story arch makes you give in to the willful suspension of disbelief anyway and go with it for what it is; an awesome fictional tale that has you rooting for the "good bad guys"!

TI played his part well as the heavy who has a lot to be angry about, and you can't tell if he's been wronged or is up to no good. The Chris Brown foot chase is the best I've seen since the foot chase in Point Break, it's actually better…and I love Point Break, but this is one you just have to see!

I felt that Matt Dillion was mis-cast as the lead detective on the case, he would've been better as a second banana to Steve Harris or they could've cast Terrence Howard…now that would've been perfect! Just my opinion, based on Matt Dillion's past characters and screen presence; he plays a better under dog. He would've worked better as a member of the crew as opposed to a cop. I guess I've been spoiled with the likes of Will Smith in "I Robot" and Al Pacino in "Heat".

Michael Ealy, Paul Walker and Idris Elba came off as classical gangsters in every sense of the word, harkens back to the days of Humphrey Bogart films, smooth, balanced and sharp dressers. The rest of the cast was well rounded out and made this a good movie, well worth the watch.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010



"The #1 online Comedy Talk Show!"


Wednesday - SEPTEMBER 1, 2010 
6pm (PST) / 9pm (EST)
Host, Comedian Stevie Mack is Celebrating his 300th STEVIE MACK RADIO episode with a gaggle of friends who boast, toast and roast the host with the most!


CALL IN: (646)716-6113

Monday, August 30, 2010

STEVIE MACK RADIO™ - Guest: Gthang - Actor/Comedian/Model

STEVIE MACK RADIO™ - Hosted by Comedian Stevie Mack, "The #1 online Comedy Talk Show" Mon - Thur 6pm (PST) Call (646)716-6113 Guest - Gthang - Comedian/Actor is doing big thangs! Currently starring in the hit play "Cheaper to Keep Her" and releasing a new comedy DVD, "Mike Epps presents"…tune in to laugh now!

STEVIE MACK RADIO™ - Guest: The Mooney Twins- Actors/Comedians

"The #1 online Comedy Talk Show!"

Tuesday - August 31, 2010 
6pm (PST) / 9pm (EST)

Featured Guest:
The Mooney Twins - Comedians/Actors/Motivational Speakers. The Mooney Twins have been performing all over the planet! They are the twin sons of Paul Mooney, who wrote for Richard Pryor and made a name for himself in the comedy world. The Mooney Twins, Daryl and Dwayne, are funny and they motivate when speaking on money. Tune in and get your laugh on now!

Comedian Stevie Mack is the host with the most hilarious topics, Celebrity interviews, top news funnies and viewer feedback.

CALL IN: (646)716-6113

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stevie Mack's TV & Movie Reviews - HBO

STEVIE MACK RADIO™ - Hosted by Comedian Stevie Mack, "The #1 online Comedy Talk Show" Mon - Thur 6pm (PST) Call (646)716-6113 - Stevie Mack's TV & Movie Reviews - discussing in an hilarious way these HBO series; HungEntourage and TrueBlood

Listen to this hilarious show here:
STEVIE MACK RADIO™ Stevie Mack's TV & Movie Reviews - HBO

Stevie Mack Featured at the J Spot Comedy Club

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stevie Mack Headliner at "The Family Room"

Comedian Stevie Mack has been performing at a steady pace since he first hit the stage in1991. Maintaining that pace has been a balancing act that he has been puling off well, even with a steady string of stand up gigs coupled with his radio show, STEVIE MACK RADIO, TV shows, commercials and films.

He is headlining at "The Family Room" tonight and will bring the funny at a level only rivaled by his last performance!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stevie Mack - Headliner at Paparazzi Comedy

Paparazzi Comedy Thursday July 29 8pm-11pm, $5 Cover charge. Melody Bar & Grill, 9132 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Westchester. Headliner Comedian Stevie Mack, STEVIE MACK RADIO - Courtney Lemmon R&B Artist will open for our host, Tre Luv of TreLuv.TV, BET, Comedy Central, CSI. This show will feature the hottest comedians in LA; Daria Loren, Vic “Cash Money” Register, Summer Malone, Billy Barnes, Jessica Lovelace-Chandler, and Janet Rousseau.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


STEVIE MACK RADIO™ - Hosted by Comedian Stevie Mack, "The #1 online Comedy Talk Show" Mon - Thur 6pm (PST) Call (646)716-6113 Tonight's guest, Brely Evans has been in a host of films and plays and she is here to share her secrets of success on how to live happy, joyous and free while getting paid!

Words of Encouragement

I just wanted to drop a few words of encouragement your way. Sometimes we feel as though we've been fighting an uphill battle, hitting all the stages we can to improve on our art, yet desiring to hit the "big one" along the way. Sometimes we see others get gigs we feel we deserve or at least desire and then we start to question our craft and the whole reason we are doing this.

I've learned to to just remember to have fun! Every time I forget to loosen up and have fun I take myself too serious and start believing the lies my head tell me. Remember, you are better than YOU think you are....we are often our toughest critics.

What's yours to have will come and stick itself right in your back pocket, you don't have to scurry around frantically seeking it, however, you do have to do the footwork...but let the results take care of themselves.

I hope this message brigs a smile to your face, hope to your heart and inspiration to your soul to carry on and trudge forward to make peoples lives a little easier with that special gift you have....the rest will take care of itself.

Stevie Mack

Thursday, May 27, 2010

COMEDIAN STEVIE MACK Performs at Jon Lovitz Comedy Club


COMEDIAN STEVIE MACK will be featured at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club on the "Headliners Only" show hosted by Comedian Big Mike, Friday - May 28, 2010 at 7:30pm.

Stevie Mack will be a featured comic and he brings the funny like no other. Performing stand up since 1991, he is well versed in the business of humor.

Arrive early, as seating is on a first come first serve basis and when Stevie Mack is on the bill, the shows tend to sell out fast!

Jon Lovitz Comedy Club is located at 1000 Universal Studios Blvd., #222, Universal City, CA 91608

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stevie Mack's Beverly Hills Family Variety Show


"The Beverly Hills Family Variety Show",  hosted by Comedian Stevie Mack, is a talent showcase featuring children and adult Singers, Comedians, Magicians, Story Tellers and Poets. This weekly show and is booked through the Promac Group

This is a unique opportunity for artist to display their talent in a family friendly, industry-favored showcase, which adds to the fan base and more gigs.

Monday, May 10, 2010

STEVIE MACK RADIO™ - The Gold Standard for Internet Radio

I've been hosting STEVIE MACK RADIO™ at since January 2009 and let me tell you, it's been dreams come true. Actually, I never really dreamed this big!

When I first started out, I was producing one show a week at 12 noon (PST) on Fridays. That was really fun and exciting, but the listeners wanted more...and so did I. So, I stepped up my game and began producing four shows a week, Monday - Thursday and moved my show to the 12 Midnight (PST) time slot. In that time slot I built a larger audience and gained a lot of new friends and fans. Oh and, uh...They wanted more!

My shows are only thirty minutes, but the listeners loved what they were hearing so much, they wanted me to stay on for sixty minutes. Well, performing in the midnight hour at four shows a week was already a lot on me, and eventually it began to take its toll on my daytime activities. So, after my 100th episode aired I switched to a 6pm (PST) time slot. I lost a few "live" listeners, but they now listen to the archives, in fact I now have twice as many listening in the archives and I've gained a new live audience. As of this writing, we have produced over 236 shows!

My staff grew and so did my show. I now have segment producers, marketing/PR, graphics dept. and regular writers and correspondents. We are now bringing phenomenal talent on the show as guest such as; singer Kevon Edmonds, actress/singer Apollonia Kotero, actress Jazsmin Lewis, Playboy Centerfold Christi Shake, singer Stacey Lattisaw, Comedian Tony Rock, and the list goes on.

We recently launched a STEVIE MACK RADIO™ theme song competition on Facebook and Twitter and received tremendous feedback from some the hottest names in R&B and Hip Hop! The winning song came from the very talented and soulful sounds of Paul Miro from the UK The new theme song can be heard at the beginning and ending of each show, it's a fun and memorable jingle! Paul's music is awesome! He has several albums to his credit and he has a wide listening audience and following across the planet. Visit Paul Miro and experience his incredible vocal range and diverse music styling at his interactive website here:

PR companies are now using my show as an example of how to produce a great Internet based radio show!  STEVIE MACK RADIO  is now the gold standard for Internet radio and Blogtalkradio has provided me the platform on which I now stand and shine. Thank you Blogtalkradio! 

Comedian Stevie Mack is the host with the most hilarious topics, best celebrity interviews, top news funnies and chatroom driven discussions! Mon.-Thur.6pm (PST) 
CALL IN HERE: (646)716-6113

STEVIE MACK RADIO™ featured guest:: Apollonia Kotero

STEVIE MACK RADIO™ - Hosted by Comedian Stevie Mack, "The #1 online Comedy Talk Show" Mon - Thur 6pm (PST) Call (646)716-6113 Tonight's Guest: Apollonia - Singer/Actress/Producer! She got her big break in 1984 co-starring with Prince and Morris Day in the cult classic movie, Purple Rain, which received an Oscar for Best Music, Original Song Score.She recorded her first album as lead singer for Apollonia 6, which reached number 25 on the Top 40 in the USA. She went on to pursue roles on TV including, Falcon Crest, CHiPs, Fantasy Island, Matt Houston and Knight Rider. She released her first solo album on Warner Bros titled, Apollonia. She now heads up her own multi-media entertainment company, “Kotero Entertainment”!
CALL IN: 646-716-6113

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pop Up Comedy

Pop Up Comedy is a random comedy show that just pops up on you at the least expected moment! We hit the streets, stores, bars, clubs, laundry mats, restaurants, buses, subways even hospitals!

Sometimes I come armed with a team of bold comedians, dancers, singers and ventriloquist, and at other times sometimes I just go on solo maneuvers, either way, it's totally random and totally funny! Just a microphone, pa system, mic stand and stool is all it takes.

Pop Up Comedy was born out of the need to perform new material between booked performances at clubs and events. No schedule required, I just pick a location and show up and start performing. Often met with gales of laughter, looks of surprise and sometimes removed by security, Pop Up Comedy is unique and timely.

I produce and host STEVIE MACK RADIO four nights a week and sometimes I just can't get out to the clubs to perform as frequent as I need. In order to get my comedic timing in sync and work out the kinks on new jokes and routines, I had to expedite the process, so why not just show up at random crowded places, whip out my mic and do what I do; Comedy! Be on the look out for Pop Up Comedy to hit a location near you...or request it! Send all request and inquiries to:

Every show is taped and posted on the web at

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Make A Star is proud to welcome Stevie Mack as a new judge for our Stand Up Comedian contests! New comedy talent - upload your performance and get scored by the pros!

The February 2010 Stand Up Comic contest is currently live, and the winner will receive, in addition to a $100 cash prize, a 30 minute, one-on-one ‘comedy career advice’ phone session with Make A Star judge and professional comedian Stevie Mack, and a celebrity guest interview on STEVIE MACK RADIO™!

Click here to vote for your favorite Stand Up Comics

Stevie Mack has been performing stand-up comedy and improv since he was a fetus. He brought his funny to the stage at the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA in 1991. In the 90’s he began producing so many comedy shows that other comics began to say, “Stevie Mack will put up a comedy show anywhere! Even at a fast food drive thru...LOL” (before LOL was even a phrase)

Crowned The King of Comedy Walk in 2008, he has continued to build a dedicated following and finding his own voice along the way.

He guides the audience with his quick wit and savvy style, allowing guest to feel connected to his humor on an interpersonal level...or he’ll just act an all out fool if the situation requires.

He expanded his improvisation and acting skills by joining the Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade improv troupes.

He headlines at major clubs, writes for network television and you’ve seen him on HBO, SpikeTV, BET, Discovery Health Channel, the Howard Stern show, E! True Hollywood Story as well as movies, music videos and commercials . He is the writer/host of (((StevieMack@NightTV))™, Stevie Mack Radio™ and IngleWatts™ the animated series.

Get to know Stevie and all the Make A Star judges right here

Visit Stevie Mack's home page and tune in to his radio show at