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Monday, May 10, 2010

STEVIE MACK RADIO™ - The Gold Standard for Internet Radio

I've been hosting STEVIE MACK RADIO™ at since January 2009 and let me tell you, it's been dreams come true. Actually, I never really dreamed this big!

When I first started out, I was producing one show a week at 12 noon (PST) on Fridays. That was really fun and exciting, but the listeners wanted more...and so did I. So, I stepped up my game and began producing four shows a week, Monday - Thursday and moved my show to the 12 Midnight (PST) time slot. In that time slot I built a larger audience and gained a lot of new friends and fans. Oh and, uh...They wanted more!

My shows are only thirty minutes, but the listeners loved what they were hearing so much, they wanted me to stay on for sixty minutes. Well, performing in the midnight hour at four shows a week was already a lot on me, and eventually it began to take its toll on my daytime activities. So, after my 100th episode aired I switched to a 6pm (PST) time slot. I lost a few "live" listeners, but they now listen to the archives, in fact I now have twice as many listening in the archives and I've gained a new live audience. As of this writing, we have produced over 236 shows!

My staff grew and so did my show. I now have segment producers, marketing/PR, graphics dept. and regular writers and correspondents. We are now bringing phenomenal talent on the show as guest such as; singer Kevon Edmonds, actress/singer Apollonia Kotero, actress Jazsmin Lewis, Playboy Centerfold Christi Shake, singer Stacey Lattisaw, Comedian Tony Rock, and the list goes on.

We recently launched a STEVIE MACK RADIO™ theme song competition on Facebook and Twitter and received tremendous feedback from some the hottest names in R&B and Hip Hop! The winning song came from the very talented and soulful sounds of Paul Miro from the UK The new theme song can be heard at the beginning and ending of each show, it's a fun and memorable jingle! Paul's music is awesome! He has several albums to his credit and he has a wide listening audience and following across the planet. Visit Paul Miro and experience his incredible vocal range and diverse music styling at his interactive website here:

PR companies are now using my show as an example of how to produce a great Internet based radio show!  STEVIE MACK RADIO  is now the gold standard for Internet radio and Blogtalkradio has provided me the platform on which I now stand and shine. Thank you Blogtalkradio! 

Comedian Stevie Mack is the host with the most hilarious topics, best celebrity interviews, top news funnies and chatroom driven discussions! Mon.-Thur.6pm (PST) 
CALL IN HERE: (646)716-6113

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