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Monday, March 24, 2008

How To Create An Internet Presence

This blog is about how I'm creating a diversified internet presence. As a talent, I want as much exposure as I can get, and since media is headed (actually already there) to the internet, I need to focus on creating a presence in cyberspace (the virtual world of internet activity). Now, in creating my presence, I want it to be a consistant presence accross the board. So, I created four sites; (1) (2) a page (3) a page and (4) a web blog at under the same name; Comedian Stevie Mack. I owned the domain name before I embarked upon my diversification, but then after a few web searches and misdirections, I started putting Comedian before my name to distinguish me from the other Stevie Macks out there (there are a few..a DJ, a Realtor,an Artist and a few others) The way I am branding myself is to make my name and what I do uniquely synonomous. When someone is looking for either of these words, COMEDIAN...STEVIE...or MACK, they will get me. Because I am working hard to drive traffic to my sites, my name gets thrown around in cyberspace a lot, thus creating greater chances that I drive traffic to my sites. Once I get tarffic built up at these sites through networking in the real world and in cyberspace, a person can go to any search engine like Google or Yahoo and type in either of these words, COMEDIAN...STEVIE...or MACK and all the links containing my name will come up on the first page of that search engine. What do I post at my sites? What do I blog about? These two things are very important.
#1) At my websites I post information that makes the visitor want to do business with me..nothing tricky or gimmicky, simply good old fashioned quality customer service, product and information. My site should be easy to use and navigate. My site should point the visitor in the direction of my objective, whether it is to sell them a product, gain their sympathy, invite them to a function or develop a fan base. In my case it's all of the above, so I have to have a creative approach that doesn't confuse them. That's why I have to have more that one web site. Each site serves a certain purpose, has a main theme and a main selling point/product, yet each one will refer the visitor to the others, this is called cross promotion.
#2) My web blogs should be helpful information that people can learn from and something they would refer others to. Sure, I can write blogs filled with my wild adventures hunting sharks, but who cares about that? Even if they did enjoy it, will they tell their friends to go read it? That's why my web blogs should be informative and useful. One of my blogs at talks about How To Deal With Hecklers, another there talks about How To Deal With Stage Fright. These are both informative and helpful for entertainers on all levels; Michael Richards should have read my blog before he performed at the Laugh Factory and he would have avoided a lot of pain...or not. Information is only good if the person who recieves it uses it wisely. So, until later, Peace!
-Comedian Stevie Mack
Comedian Stevie Mack of Los Angeles, California can be seen on BET, Comedy Central, UPN, Sci Fi Channel, PPV and a host of music videos, comedy clubs and colleges in natural-space, outter-space and cyber-space!

R.I.P. Ronal Muldrow.

I love Ronald Muldrow as a person and as an artist. In 1998 Peggy (my wife) and I hired his quartet to play at our wedding reception and I was completely honored to have the bragging rights that such a legend was grooving at our reception! I've been bragging about it ever since.
When I worked at 5th Street Dicks in 1997 Ronald Muldrow would keep the place filled with his wonderful guitar playing and packed with his fans. I never understood how Richard (the owner) could afford such an established artist...but that's another article all together (the efforts of Richard Fulton A.K.A. 5th Street Dick).
Ronald would always joke with me about why Richard would not book him more often, "Yeah man, I know Richard is more fond of them horns..." he would say. Which wasn't far from the truth, Richard liked saxaphones and trumpets a lot. I love all instruments and can play most of them, but the guitar is the hardest because the strings are so close together, but Ronald Muldrow makes it seem effortless, as if those strings are piano keys or something even wider. Ronald Muldrow will be truely missed but his music lives on forever...R.I.P. Ronal Muldrow.

On Barak Obama

Barak Obama won my vote from the first time I heard him utter a word. I liked what I heard...and he's Black to the bone. You can't be Black in America and not be Black in know what I mean? O.J. found that out, as did Michael Jackson. Serena and Venus Williams found that you can't be Black in the world and not get treated Black in the world. It's a cold game...racism, and Black's are the last to play it but the first to feel it's sting all over the planet. I don't play the Race Card...I AM the Race Card, and I'll be damned if I get played!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Black History

It is February 2008 and February is Black History month. Feb. 14th was Valentines day and Feb. 18th is President's day. As far as I know, St. Valentine wasn't Black and we've never had a Black President.

Black, African American, Negro...or American whatever name you call this mighty race of people you must look at our history to understand our present and get a glimpse of our future. Brought to America by way of tortuous slave ships and put to work as slaves under the harshest living conditions, the African male was systemically separated from family and manhood; tortured, hanged and imprisoned for the last 400 years and psychologically brainwashed even unto this day to hate his own skin, given a Caucasian image of god and told he (the Black man) was the cursed race of Canaan in the bible.

Some Black men survived and triumphed in spite of all the obstacles placed in his path (alpha male) and some Black men succumbed, and believed the lies that were told them (brainwashed) .

This is Black history month but we now have a chance to make it a Black history year by voting for Barak Obama to be the first Black President of the United States of America....and then on February 18, 2009 we will have our first Black President on Presidents day in Black History that's a real change.
-Stevie Mack