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Monday, March 24, 2008

R.I.P. Ronal Muldrow.

I love Ronald Muldrow as a person and as an artist. In 1998 Peggy (my wife) and I hired his quartet to play at our wedding reception and I was completely honored to have the bragging rights that such a legend was grooving at our reception! I've been bragging about it ever since.
When I worked at 5th Street Dicks in 1997 Ronald Muldrow would keep the place filled with his wonderful guitar playing and packed with his fans. I never understood how Richard (the owner) could afford such an established artist...but that's another article all together (the efforts of Richard Fulton A.K.A. 5th Street Dick).
Ronald would always joke with me about why Richard would not book him more often, "Yeah man, I know Richard is more fond of them horns..." he would say. Which wasn't far from the truth, Richard liked saxaphones and trumpets a lot. I love all instruments and can play most of them, but the guitar is the hardest because the strings are so close together, but Ronald Muldrow makes it seem effortless, as if those strings are piano keys or something even wider. Ronald Muldrow will be truely missed but his music lives on forever...R.I.P. Ronal Muldrow.

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