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Sunday, October 18, 2009

LA Haunted Hayride

I’ve been a featured act at the LA Haunted Hayride in Calabasas, CA. Located deep in the Canyons of the Malibu mountains this annual Haunted Hayride for Halloween is a new attraction to the southland.
There's a ghoulish story that goes along with this popular Los Angeles Halloween attraction... and I quote from the Haunted Hayride Web site :
In the 1920’s, King Gillette was known for hosting the most prestigious parties in all of Los Angeles County on his sprawling 500 acre ranch.
On the night of the last ball ever witnessed on the ranch, the inmates from a local asylum escaped and invaded the ball.
Guests including Los Angeles’ high profile and elite ran from the mansion to get to their cars in the hopes of escaping, however, the inmates were much faster and more vicious.
Only few escaped with their lives. It has been said that on most nights in October, you can see the frantic guests searching the King Gillette Ranch still looking for their cars. Could it be true?
I play a burned up man at a human meat Bar B-Q pit awaiting victims to roast. My current victim (Actress, Sarah Levin) is all splayed and filed in a wedding dress, she laughs hysterically as her guts are pulled out and eaten at the feast! The show runs October 1st-31st, 2009. More info can be found here: