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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Takers - Movie Review by Stevie Mack

Takers was worth every penny and be sure to see it at the theater on the big screen, bootlegs won't do this movie justice..LOL….but true. Sure there are moments when you go, okay that wouldn't happen, but then all the action and great story arch makes you give in to the willful suspension of disbelief anyway and go with it for what it is; an awesome fictional tale that has you rooting for the "good bad guys"!

TI played his part well as the heavy who has a lot to be angry about, and you can't tell if he's been wronged or is up to no good. The Chris Brown foot chase is the best I've seen since the foot chase in Point Break, it's actually better…and I love Point Break, but this is one you just have to see!

I felt that Matt Dillion was mis-cast as the lead detective on the case, he would've been better as a second banana to Steve Harris or they could've cast Terrence Howard…now that would've been perfect! Just my opinion, based on Matt Dillion's past characters and screen presence; he plays a better under dog. He would've worked better as a member of the crew as opposed to a cop. I guess I've been spoiled with the likes of Will Smith in "I Robot" and Al Pacino in "Heat".

Michael Ealy, Paul Walker and Idris Elba came off as classical gangsters in every sense of the word, harkens back to the days of Humphrey Bogart films, smooth, balanced and sharp dressers. The rest of the cast was well rounded out and made this a good movie, well worth the watch.

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