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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pop Up Comedy

Pop Up Comedy is a random comedy show that just pops up on you at the least expected moment! We hit the streets, stores, bars, clubs, laundry mats, restaurants, buses, subways even hospitals!

Sometimes I come armed with a team of bold comedians, dancers, singers and ventriloquist, and at other times sometimes I just go on solo maneuvers, either way, it's totally random and totally funny! Just a microphone, pa system, mic stand and stool is all it takes.

Pop Up Comedy was born out of the need to perform new material between booked performances at clubs and events. No schedule required, I just pick a location and show up and start performing. Often met with gales of laughter, looks of surprise and sometimes removed by security, Pop Up Comedy is unique and timely.

I produce and host STEVIE MACK RADIO four nights a week and sometimes I just can't get out to the clubs to perform as frequent as I need. In order to get my comedic timing in sync and work out the kinks on new jokes and routines, I had to expedite the process, so why not just show up at random crowded places, whip out my mic and do what I do; Comedy! Be on the look out for Pop Up Comedy to hit a location near you...or request it! Send all request and inquiries to:

Every show is taped and posted on the web at

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