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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little Britain

Little Britain USA was a very fun show to work on. I'm in five episodes of "Fat Fighters"! I look forward to taping more episodes. Be sure to watch the show this fall (September 2008) so we can get more episodes ordered by HBO.
Rosie O'Donnel is in one of our episodes, she was a great person to work with, she even used a punchline I gave her and the skit came off hilarious. Stars Matt Lukas and David Walliams are super talented and masters of subtle humor. They taught me a lot about the art of playing it down for TV.
Vivica Fox and Harry Lennix play the U.S. President and the First Lady. Sting and Katherine Heigl are in separate episodes and David Schwimmer was fun to have as a Director, he really knows his craft and it shows.


Robert said...

Dude get in good at HBO. I want to meet Larry David! Nahh but seriously HBO's programming is top notch! Congrats. ill add your blog to my favorites. At least i know someone is reading it.

peace brotha.

Robert said...

I meant to ask you earlier but do you watch tv much? I remeber you telling me about South Park along time ago but i finally realized how great it really is about 2 years ago. Nonetheless ive see every single episode since then. Absoultly genius. Pretty much the smartest show on television! Cartman is my favorite cartoon character of all time.


Millie said...

Well written article.