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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


In 1998 I wrote this movie about punk Bladers (roller bladers) Vs. square Boarders (skate boarders). The result was a great bundle of footage that kept getting filmed while I completed other projects for Nike, Gladys Night, Shaqille O'Neil, Master P/No Limit Records, Hallmark Greeting Cards and the list goes on and on and I just let my movie go unedited until I saw a TV ad for a movie called Grind.

Grind had my character's names, my opening sequence and my first act, all with a bigger budget and a wide theatrical release. Damn! I set out to sue the makers of the film, but got side-tracked with other projects for a bunch of other celebrities (too many to mention).

I decided that I'd just finish my movie with my vision and release it to festivals and pick up a cult following, which I wanted in the first place. I'd rather have a movie that has a cult following and is talked about for centuries than an over nigh commercial success flash in the pan crap shoot, which Grind was.

It is now 2008, 10 years since I started on the movie, all the actors are old and obscure, as far as acting goes. They will surface once the movie released, because they will become stars with a cult following, people will quote their lines like Repo Man, and they will go on to live in infamy, or at least their characters will. I will see to that this comes to pass. I will log and blog all the action from last cut to first screening. We will begin to spread the word like a wild fire over the Internet, in chat rooms, through email campaigns, at skate parks and skate stores. School campuses will be a-buzz with the words of Grinderz on the lips of all who feels it speaks for them...the bully and the bullied alike.

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