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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Who is Stevie Mack ?

Who is Stevie Mack?
Stevie Mack is featured in the new SMOSH movie “Ghostmates” which premiers on YouTube Red December 14th It's his third major role in a feature length social media driven movie gaining him a new generation of fans.
People Magazine recently voted Stevie Mack as best dancer in Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” music video, which has over 300M views on YouTube and is nominated for a Golden Globe
Stevie Mack can also be seen in recent movies Expelled, Pup Star, American Bad Boy, and the TV show Shameless on Showtime.
Stevie Mack is like the Black version of Rodney Dangerfield, Kevin James, Bryan Cranston and Jackie Gleeson all rolled into one
Multi-faceted and multi-talented, Stevie Mack has been performing stand up comedy, and one-man shows since the 90’s and he’s been seen in over 30 commercials pitching everything from soft drinks to real estate.  He’s on TV shows, in movies and embedded in social media productions across the globe.
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