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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Stevie Mack co-stars in new movie Ghostmates


Stevie Mack co-stars in new movie Ghostmates

 December 2016

 For Immediate Release

PR Rep – Promac Group

Hollywood, CA – Actor/Comedian Stevie

Actor/Comedian Stevie Mack co-stars with YouTube celebrities Anthony Padilla and
Ian Hecox, better known as SMOSH, in their latest film, Ghostmates, premiering December 14, 2016 on YouTube Red.

The film stars Anthony Padilla as
Charlie, a luckless young man who moves into a new apartment, where he discovers he has a ghostly roommate, Eddie (Ian Hecox), who decides to make Charlie’s life a living hell. Joining SMOSH is rapper T-Pain along with actresses Francesca Galassi and Cristina Spruell.

Casting Stevie Mack as Rick Bowman in this feature-length comedy is a natural fit, as he is rapidly becoming a regular face in content produced by social media stars.

Stevie Mack can also be seen in recent movies Expelled, Pup Star, American Bad Boy, TV
show Shameless on Showtime and as a featured dancer in the Justin Timberlake music video Can’t Stop the Feeling which has garnered over 300 million views on YouTube.

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