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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

From Black Friday to Sanctified Sunday

From Black Friday to Sanctified Sunday

Black Friday is the day that everybody goes crazy at the local shopping outlets. May as well get geared up and ready to rumble on Black Friday; mouth piece, shoulder pads, crash helmet, because it’s going down! On this day old folks get trampled by older folks, young folks grow pubes to replace to pimples on their faces and fat folks lose about 50 lbs fighting for the last piece of digital yada yada on that low bargain scrap heap totem pole called a sale.

Next on the chopping block is Cyber Monday, then Giving Tuesday, but why stop there, why not take it a step further and just start naming all the days of the week with cutesy-bootsy names; Whining Wednesdays, Thirsty Thursdays, Shameless Saturdays an of course, Sanctimonious Sundays, that will be the day we repent for going crazy on the other six days.

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1 comment:

Dennis C. Latham said...

Thanksgiving Thursday -
they pretend to be thankful

Black Friday -
they loose all thankfulness and turn into barbaric animals

Soothing Saturday -
they take a break and be come less hypocritical ....

Sanctimonious Sunday -
they play HOLY ART THOU .....

Cyber Monday -
they're right back to the same things - but now from the privacy of their homes