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Thursday, November 08, 2012

American Holiday Bermuda Triangle

The American high holidays are upon us in a major way. We are weeks past Halloween and just as our sugar high begins to wear down, the presidential election (every 4 years) is here to drive our blood pressure back up.

Why do we call it the American Holiday Bermuda Triangle? We call it the American Holiday Bermuda Triangle because, first, the Bermuda Triangle is known to swallow people up. A Triangle has 3 sides. The big 3 holidays are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, and people get lost and swallowed up during this time of year, the big three holidays, thus, the Bermuda Trangle. This happens due to a number of factors. Sometimes they get caught up into drinking, drugging and sadness, and this deep depression leads to a lot of suicides. Sometimes daddy just up and leave, allegedly to go for a pack of cigarettes, but he never comes back.

The pressure of having to buy people gifts make a lot of folks sick and panicky, especially when they don't have any money to buy gifts.

People watch commercials on TV and scenarios on any number of reality shows, webisodes and movies, and begin to think their life should be like what they see on TV and in movies. When life doesn't imitate art or does imitate art but in the wrong way, that can be the cause for a massive brain fart.

My suggestion to you is go into the holidays with low expectations or at least lowered expectations. Remember, expectations are premeditated resentments. Just because everybody have false desires and high expectations doesn't mean that you have to give into them as well. Be your self, be honest and in some cases just be absent. If you know that the company party is going to make you sad don't go. If you know the family is going to act a damn fool around the dinner table don't go! You have a choice these days…choose wisely and sail safely through the high seas of the high holidays, and avoid getting lost in the American Holiday Bermuda Triangle.

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