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Friday, March 24, 2017

Stevie Mack stars in new comedy series CRIME SCENES


Stevie Mack
stars in new comedy series CRIME SCENES

March 2017

For Immediate Release


PR Rep – Promac Group

Hollywood, CA – Actor/Comedian Stevie

Stevie Mack
stars in Crime Scenes as an actor turned detective. He played a cop on TV and in movies, can S.J. Mack, a Hollywood actor, make it as a real life cop? We follow him in the field solving a series of oddball crimes while encountering an even odder cast of characters in Hollywood and Las Vegas. His celebrity status follows him everywhere he goes and sometimes it help his efforts while at other times it hinders him.

Stevie Mack voted top dancer by People magazine in the Oscar nominated Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, "Can't Stop the Feeling" music video by
Justin Timberlake, which also won a Golden Globe, Grammy and Critics' Choice

Stevie Mack can also be seen in recent movies Ghostmates, Expelled, Pup Star, American Bad Boy, and the Emmy winning TV show Shameless on Showtime.

Multi-faceted and multi-talented, Stevie Mack has been performing stand up comedy, and one-man shows since the 90’s and he’s been seen in over 30 commercials pitching everything from soft drinks to real estate.

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Comedian Stevie Mack said...

Awesomely funny and on point comedy series