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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Creative Process in Show Business

Everybody who considers themselves an artist must have a creative process in order to be affective. What is the creative process? Well, I can first tell you what it is't; creativity is not a personality trait or a set of skills to test for nor a roster of art classes.

The creative process is full of ups and downs and peculiar mental blank spots. Writers block is a common hurdle/obstacle in the creative process and procrastination is it's evil twin.

For me the creative process involves putting together a set of ideas, words and images that lead to comedy routines, plays, TV shows and movies. There's an old saying, "If it 'aint on the page, it 'aint on the stage". This holds true for the screen, radio and everything else; the world is a stage.

So, writing is the basis for the beginning of the creative process in entertainment, otherwise you just have an idea. Everybody's got an idea, tons of 'em. I'm approached by a lot of people who pitch me ideas for TV shows, and they feel this is a really great idea, "'s gonna be a hit" is what they tell me with a gleam in their eye, they always have the look, as if the checks have been cut and the champagne poured.

But I ask them that crucial question, "What have you written?"

They pull a crumpled napkin from their pocket, and hold it up like it's the holy grail, "I wrote it all here" Sorry folks, there's no way you can have a treatment, synopses, script, budget outline and shooting schedule on a to the mustard stain.

Next crucial question (if they have written all the above), "Do you have a budget, name talent attached or a distribution deal in place?"

I know, that was a curve ball, but that's what the game is all about, being ready too be ready for anything that comes your way. You can never be too prepared, and in show business that second question is the business half of SHOW BUSINESS, A lot of people miss that part because it doesn't seem to be related to their idea of the creative process. It only matters to people who want to see their ideas become  a reality on the screen, any screen. Otherwise, you are just creating art of art's sake and have no desire to make a living  from your art. That's fine too, but that's just show ....not show business.

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