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Thursday, April 25, 2013

1st Amendment Vs 5th Amendment

An article that came out online at Newsday Magazine was posted on Facebook by one of Paul Money’s twin sons Daryl Mooney of the Mooney Twins comedy team. the headline reads:

"After Paul Mooney remarks about Boston bombing, Levity Live comedy club cancels shows"

Comedian Paul Mooney makes an appearance at the

According to the article, a Twitter user said:
"Paul Mooney last night at Levity Live said white people in Boston deserved what they got,"



As you know, if you watch any crime or court TV shows, “He say She say" is "Hear say" and in a court of law, "hear say” is irrelevant. So, as it stands, we really don’t know what Paul Mooney actually said until he tells us himself.

Comedians walk a fine line between the right to remain silent and the right to free specech. I wrote a blog about this very subject , titled, “To Speak or Not To Speak; Comedian Dilemma”… wrote that back when Daniel Tosh was blasted for saying a lady in the audience "should be gang raped" or something along those lines. Read that blog to get my deep dissertation on the topic. Thanks for tuning in!

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