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Tuesday, March 05, 2013


If you are an aspiring filmmaker or an old pro, it's always fun and exciting to learn a new trick or two. My plan was to shoot and cut my movie ideas into movie trailers and use the trailers as pitching tools to attract investors to fund them as features.

After reading up on all the best practices on cutting trailers I eventually had to add my own flavor and style to the mix to come up with a recipe that fits the scope of what I am aiming for.

I did my research cut my trailer, then talked to a few producers about my plans. They suggested I edit my trailer as a short film instead, so I shot a bit more footage, added some animation and special fx to help move the story forward and produced a 7 min short film instead of  a 1 ½ min trailer. Why a short film instead of a trailer? Because a short film has longer legs, you can tell more of the story to potential investors and you now have a product that can be entered into festivals as well as added on IMDb for a movie credit.

Here’s the short film I wrote, produced, directed and star in titled, Apartment X

I found this article to be very helpful, perhaps it will help you as well: HOW TO CUT A MOVIE TRAILER | Filmmaker Magazine

I also found this page on wikipedia to be extremely informative:

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