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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Number One Online Comedy Talk Show

The Number One Online Comedy Talk Show
By: Imogen Reed
In 2009, Stevie Mack began writing, producing and hosting the STEVIE MACK RADIO™ and STEVIE MACK TV™. Prior to this, Stevie Mack, a versatile comedian, had maintained a dedicated following for more than a decade through his witty stand-up performances and improvisation shows. STEVIE MACK RADIO™ has brought in even more people that appreciate Stevie Mack's fresh perspective and his talent for drawing out a smile, chuckle or laughter from even the most dire situations. Stevie Mack has the ability to crack a joke out of anything. He has no problem playing the fool to draw out laughter from his audience should the situation need it. 

STEVIE MACK RADIO™ features hilarious takes on the latest news, current events, celebrity interviews, the latest gossip, pop culture, top news funnies, corporate and public events, and viewer feedback. Stevie Mack handles a variety of topics on his radio show. Recently on May 10, in a Thursday Night Rant, President Obama coming out in favour of gay marriage was discussed. As well as the revelation of Mitt Romney bullying gay students when he was in school.
With each episode based on a specific topic or theme, Stevie Mack works on the subject, dissecting it and offering his hilarious perspective and insight on all related aspects of that subject. He does take some risks though and probably needs to insure his reputation, which is part of what makes his work so clever. Stevie Mack is renowned for this fast wit and clever style, with a bit of nerd thrown in. It is surprisingly easy to be drawn into each episode of the STEVIE MACK RADIO™ show from the beginning and to feel connected to Stevie Mack's special brand of humor. 
When tuning to the STEVIE MACK RADIO™ expect only the most hilarious topics; homeless gangsters, tennis shoe pimps, even health, weight and fatness. On the other hand, on the STEVIE MACK TV™, you can browse through a selection of hysterically funny videos that feature over 21 characters in diverse roles on the online channel.

Who is Stevie Mack?

Stevie Mack is a well established comedian who has worked in stand-up comedy and improvisation since 1991. Born in Los Angeles, California to a dysfunctional family, Stevie Mack went through a different, rough childhood. His mother had six children by six different men and they moved around a lot. Stevie Mack fell into stealing as a kid and then went through cocaine addiction. However, he was able to drag himself from the gates of hell and reinvent himself as a motivational comedian. Like any true artiste, Stevie Mack says that his dark past is "one of the greatest possessions" he has. Stevie Mack has used his dark past to fuel his talent and performances.
His "Diary of a Crackhead", launched in 2010 at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Lab has been a huge success. A production about overcoming hardships based on Stevie Mack's personal life story of climbing out of drug addiction, Stevie Mack's Diary of a Crackhead is a one-man play that shows the trails of cocaine addiction and recovery. It is a show that proves that it is indeed possible to laugh your way through tough times to improvement.
From his younger days when Stevie Mack toured with the Young Saints Performing Arts Academy, to his crowning moment at the King of Comedy Walk in 2008, Steve Mack has honed his talent in inducing side-splitting laughter from varied audiences. In 2009, Stevie Mack joined the Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade improv troupe. He has appeared and performed in major clubs and universities across the United States of America.
Stevie Mack has also written for national television. He has appeared on NBC, starred in four episodes of HBO's Little Britain, featured on Discovery Health Channel's Mystery ER, E! - True Hollywood Story and MTV. Together with Keith Lewis and Kabin Thomas, Stevie Mack won the $5,000 grand prize on the opening episode of Dance Cam Slam on VH1 as Stevie Mack and the Chocolate Chip Dancers. Dressed in bow ties and not much else, Stevie Mack and the Chocolate Chip Trio launched a viral campaign when they uploaded a video on YouTube that shows them dancing to Beyonce's hit song "Single Ladies". Following the success of their first video, Stevie Mack and the Chocolate Chip Trio released another video, this time dancing to the tune of Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step I Take".
Stevie Mack is a truly gifted performer with a long list of accomplishments. You can catch the STEVIE MACK RADIO™ from Mondays to Thursdays from 6pm (PST) at

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