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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ARTHUR - Movie Review By: Stevie Mack

Movie Review By: Stevie Mack

I typically write reviews on movies I enjoy and this is certainly one of them. I guess this is a good time to yell spoiler alert.

First off, I’m a fan of Russell Brand, loved him in Get him to the Greek, and this movie further showcases his talent and likability. This movie is a remake of the earlier version made in 1981 starring Dudley Moor in the role of Arthur, an alcoholic man-child who is stupid wealthy and will be even wealthier via an inheritance if he marries a hand picked, family approved wife.
In this remake, Russell Brand is the same character but with Russell’s affectionate persona at the helm.

Luis Guzman has a role in it as well, and who doesn’t like Luis Guzman?
Sure there’s the fairy tale formulae, prince meets pauper and has to prove his love beyond what money can buy. This is the same typical story arc formulae used in Coming to America, but it works, that’s why it’s used all the time.

The best part about the movie is it has a happy ending, complete with love, redemption and revenge, not necessarily in that order.

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