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Monday, October 17, 2011

HBO Reviews - Boardwalk Empire / Dexter

HBO Reviews - Boardwalk Empire / Dexter

To say Boardwalk Empire ended with a bang tonight would be an under statement. The action was thick and heavy on this episode. But, watching Chalky White at home has been mildly unnerving, to say the least. He has been a character I've been rooting for, as he's the only Black character on the show and I've followed the career of Michael Kenneth Williams since he played Omar on The Wire

Nookie Thompson has been facing insurmountable odds for the last few episodes, actually, since this season began, but he's always been one to land on his feet, and we expect that. As in most climactic story arcs he is up against impending doom from all around. His back against the wall, he has to come of the ropes swinging, in fact, he need to come flying off the top of the turn-buckle like Jimmy Supa-Fly Snooka!

Sometime fate will throw you a bone, especially when your the hero in the story. Some of the characters on the show have gotten more weird than before. Tune in and get on board with some excellent entertainment and insight in the the inner dealings of the political system.

This season of Dexter has been more focused on the spiritual side. It kicked off with new serial killers of the Bible thumping, verse quoting and sanctifying variety.  Some past heated relationships have lost their luster while new flames kindle for others on the show. Is there betrayal in the house due to wounded hearts? I’d say yes!

Gotta hand it to Michael C. Hall, the lead character, for bouncing back after serious bout with cancer and hopping right back in the killer saddle to rid the world of the outcasts; he’s our favorite serial killer…killer.

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