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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thor - Movie Review by Stevie Mack

Just saw the movie Thor at the Rave Cinema in Westchester. Didn’t see it in 3D and didn’t have to. This movie offered all the bang for my buck in regular D, or 2 D. It had all the villains and science fiction special fx along with a good plot.  The cast was packed with good actors and the cg was typical for a big Hollywood Sci-fi, but giving in to the willful suspension of disbelief is easy because you want to be carried away by the fantasy of this comic book come to life.

It’s always funny to see what will take our hero over the edge, what are the fighting words that will get him so riled up that he will battle to the death? Watch the movie and come back and tell me what those words were. I’m sure that If you watch the movie after having read this review you will chuckle when the moment of truth  occurs.

Chris Hemsworth did an excellent job as the lead, he was funny, romantic and inviting. He carried his role well and was a larger than life image on the screen, which is definitely needed when portraying Thor, the God of Thunder. Always a pleasure to see Sir Anthony Hopkins  get a good role in anything these days, we just love him and don’t want Hannibal the cannibal to be the only epithet defining his career.

I was really glad to see Idris Elba  play a major role as Heimdall, the gate keeper to the bridge of Asgard. Being a Black man myself, I am always looking to see if there’s any Brothas in the flick. I guess every American minority race does that, we gotta’ see if we are represented in the movie, and of so, is it  a good part? And in this case It is.

Stan Lee has his usual and often looked for cameo; bravo to Stan Lee! It’s amazing how all his work has found a new life in the blockbuster movie franchise and merchandising realm. This new round of success is breathing new life into his characters and introducing them to people the world over who may have never picked up a comic book.

There are tons of moments in the movie where you get to laugh, guffaw, and cheer, rooting for the heroes and and against the villains. If you’re a big sci-fi/comic book fan like me you are sure to enjoy this movie and all the trailers that precede it. Thanks to a heads up from my friend Apollonia Kotero, no she’s not in this movie, she starred in Purple Rain  with Prince, but she posted on Facebook to stay until all the credits were fished, because there’s something waiting for you there too, don’t leave until you see that!

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Apollonia said...

That's right!! Sit your asses down & watch for clues!