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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Movie Review by Stevie Mack: "127 Hours"

I watched this movie with the toughest crowd ever and it was still a great movie! My dad had already seen it, so he wanted to narrate the whole film at every turn, and now that his hearing is fading, we have to pause to repeat what was said and then explain the context of that statement before we can can proceed on to the next sentence.

Also present was that friend, you know the one, they seem to always laugh really loud at all the inappropriate moments. With a crowd like this it's hard to give in to the willful suspension of disbelief and just get completely lost in the cinematic art before you, but this movie was so captivating on so many levels it's hard, even for a rowdy crowd, to mess it up.

The acting was superb and the flashbacks, montages and photo stills helped to establish more than just a revelation of the character, it also served as a chronological back story and a geiger counter as to the ever changing mental state of our hero/protagonist, indicating and hinting at what he must do to live another day and/or escape his situation.

Tis movie is well worth the watch and I can see why our lead character is a contender for an Oscar.

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