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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stevie Mack and Wife Cycling the Marvin Braude Bike Trail

I started serious bike riding (cycling) back in 1991 as a means of transportation. But, once I got into driving cars, the cycling fell off. That was years ago.

I've been cycling more these days, not quite as much as back in the 90's, which was every day back then, but a lot compared to ...well, none at all. Although I've been posting on facebook every time I ride, I really just started logging it on my wall calendar and decided this is also a good time to start blogging about it.

Recently I started cycling not for transportation, but for health. Last year I purchased a Nishiki 10 speed and started cycling on the Marvin Braude bike trail at Venice Beach, CA. I normally get my bike on my bike rack and drive out to the beach every Saturday morning for a lazy 10 mile ride from Venice Beach to Malibu (where the bike trail ends) and back to Venice.

Last week I started a different approach; I began keeping my bike on the back of my car at all times, so no matter what day it was, I'd be ready to roll at any given minute. As A result, I cycled my regular 10 miles on Sat. May 16th, but then was able to cycle 12 miles on Mon, May 18th, 10 miles Wed, May 20th and 10 miles Sat. May 23rd. That's a whopping 42 miles a week! 32 miles more than I normally ride.

I can feel the muscles in my legs growing stronger with each trip. I also started riding different routes, this introduces new terrains to my muscles, gotta' shake up the game a little to keep it interesting. My wife started cycling with me recently, which is really great because it gives us time with each other in an activity that enhances our quality of life.
Here's a video I made while cycling in December 2008:


peggytoy said...

whose the pretty woman in the photo?

Comedian Stevie Mack said...

The pretty woman in the phot is my pretty wife :)